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Caurus Academy is an “A” rated school offering small class sizes. We focus on individualized instruction and academic growth through a project based inquiry model.

Caurus offers a Montessori education for Kindergarten and 1st grade while Common Core State Standards are implemented in grades 1st to 8th.

According to the Dept of Education, the Common core State Standards initiative is a state-led effort to create common academic standards within the 44 states that have adopted them. The point of the state-led effort is to improve teaching and learning to ensure that high school graduates in every part of the nation have the knowledge and skills they need for college or a career.

Montessori Overview:

Montessori curriculum (available for grades Kindergarten and 1st grade) is based on the research and findings of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952). Montessori evolved a philosophy of human development that would later spark major educational movements and influence child development approaches throughout the world. Montessori’s method is structured around, and promotes, the child’s natural, self-initiated impulse to become absorbed in an environment and to learn from it. Based on this, specific materials in technique and curriculum areas were developed that assist each child in reaching his or her full potential.

Montessori education includes…
The Practical Life section, which lays the foundation for all other work to be done in the classroom. The activities are everyday tasks that a child needs to learn to master the care of their self and care of the environment.

The Sensorial section, whose goal is to educate the child’s senses, this curriculum area contains Montessori-specific materials that help the child refine his or her experience of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

The Mathematics Section in the Montessori classroom is separated into major categories. Once the child has a firm foundation in the operations of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, memorization of facts is introduced.

The Montessori Language Section is an integrated approach that combines phonetics and whole language.

The Science Section deals with absorbing the real world around them. The science materials present certain aspects of this world, in such a way that the child can observe, experiment, demonstrate and record what they have learned.

The Culture Studies Section integrates and emphasizes a region or population’s geography, history, music, art, etc.

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