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Our Vision Statement

Creating a culture of possibility for learners today, so they will be principled leaders tomorrow.

Why Choose Caurus Academy?

Our students start the day in a happy, nurturing environment. They learn by creating, discovering and exploring curriculum that is often connected to their personal interests. This approach allows a love of learning to flourish. See what a day at Caurus looks like.
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Responsive Classroom in Action at Caurus

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Caurus CARES

Our students learn and practice these social and emotional skills:
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    I bring positive energy to school, I encourage and include others, I am focused and committed to the goals of the school and my own.

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    I communicate my needs in an appropriate voice, I am willing to explore and problem solve as a learner, I share my ideas and opinions and make eye contact when speaking to others.

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    Respect & Responsibility

    I listen to others to understand and appreciate different viewpoints than my own, I say “please” and “thank you’, I recognize the efforts and work of others.

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    I listen with my eyes, ears, and body language, I accept others as individuals and do not judge their behaviors, I can put myself in someone else’s shoes.

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    Self Control

    I remain calm and use an appropriate voice level, I wait my turn to speak in a group discussion and give others equal opportunity to share, I walk silently in school so as not to disrupt the learning of others.

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Real Testimonials

"Deciding to enroll our children in the vibrant Caurus Academy community was akin to love at first sight;  that feeling you get when you just "know".   The staff is committed to nurturing the complete well being of each child through hands-on learning, appropriately-paced lessons and projects, and in the practice of the "responsive classroom".  The element of student-led discovery is evident in every classroom, in the creative implementation of the garden and playground, and in every respectful and genuine interaction.   Seeing our kids come home with joyful hearts and minds and a quest for continued learning is a gift that keeps on giving, both in our family and in our larger community.  This sense of belonging invokes the desire for deeper and more connected involvement in the school.  Caurus Academy fosters the sense of pride and thirst for knowledge that is inherent in every child.  We are so grateful to be affiliated with the Caurus Academy family."    
“Our family has been very happy with Caurus Academy for our son and we can’t wait for our daughter to start Kindergarten there next year! From the individualized teaching style, responsive classroom techniques, and truly wonderful teachers and staff Caurus has created a true community feeling that we are proud to be a part of."
“An educational environment committed to academic enrichment, as well as a focus on humanitarianism, self-worth, and experiential learning is what our family has discovered at Caurus Academy.  Caurus Academy encourages MY FAMILY and all teachers and staff to work together to nurture a love of life and learning in all those who walk through the front door.”

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