Caurus Academy

Caurus C.A.R.E.S.

To achieve academic and social success, our students learn and practice these social and emotional skills.

C – Cooperation:

  • I bring positive energy and a gentle demeanor to school.
  • I share my time, attention and my things.
  • I look for ways to encourage others and give friendly reminders.
  • I transition and get ready quickly so as not to keep others waiting.
  • I am an individual who knows how to be part of a group.
  • I include others, and make space for them to join the group.
  • I am focused and committed to the goals of the school and my own.
  • I show an understanding of the mission of the school and live it every day in my behaviors and attitudes.
  • I don’t always have to be right.
  • I am flexible and helpful as a contributing member of the group.

A – Assertion:

  • I use an appropriate voice and communicate my needs.
  • I am willing to explore and problem solve as a learner.
  • I share my ideas and opinions.
  • I make eye contact when speaking to others.
  • When I am the speaker I use a voice that others can hear.
  • I ask questions when I do not understand.
  • I show ownership and pride in my appearance and language use.
  • I am honest, candid, forthright and proactive in my communications with others.
  • I show confidence in my strengths and gifts.

R – Respect & Responsibility:

  • I listen to others and understand and appreciate different viewpoints than my own.
  • I make an effort to remember and call people by name.
  • I make eye contact while speaking to someone.
  • I say “please” and “thank you”.
  • I recognize the effort and work of others.
  • I accept other people personalities, style and preferences and are non judgmental.

E – Empathy:

  • I listen with my eyes, ears, and body language.
  • I accept others as individuals and do not judge their behaviors
  • Rather than give advice I share a similar experience of my own to help a friend make good decisions in a challenging situation.
  • I can put myself in someone else’s shoes.

S – Self Control:

  • I remain calm and use a quiet voice in a group setting even though I am very excited on the inside.
  • I wait my turn to speak in a group discussion and give others equal opportunity to share.
  • I raise my hand in class at an appropriate pause not while someone is speaking
  • I save my questions until the speaker is finished talking and do not interrupt.
  • I walk silently in school so as not to disrupt the learning of others. I wait my turn for all things and often let others go before me.
  • I use an appropriate voice level.
  • I have self control of my body and mouth.