Caurus Academy


Our mission is to provide young men and women with a solid educational foundation in a context of care and concern. Caurus Academy combines a challenging curriculum with clear moral direction..
Instruction is marked by a dedication to the mental, physical and moral development of all students. Students will receive a quality education, sensitive to their learning styles and designed to equip them with the skills and core knowledge upon which further learning must be based. Caurus Academy’s curriculum is founded firmly on the fundamental tradition that values the refinement of thought and fortification of character that charges individuals with the responsibility to the common good and a global perspective of the world and their places in it.
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Our Vision

Our vision for Caurus Academy is creating a culture of possibility for learners today, so they will be principled leaders tomorrow.

This vision brings students a premium educational experience free of charge in a setting that feels like a private school. Parents and their children will benefit from the individual attention of teachers, small class sizes for optimal growth and professional practice state-approved curriculum.