Caurus Academy

At Caurus Academy, we appreciate and value our teachers. We offer premium benefits to our staff, including Arizona State Retirement and almost free PPO health coverage. In addition, we give teachers the option of sharing their talents through paid content specific tutoring and club/organization advisor roles.

Unique to other district and charter schools, we maintain transparency in our pay scale, and we continue to use a fair and easy to understand pay grid. This scale was thoroughly vetted by our Governing Board and starts at nearly $1,500.00 above our regional benchmarks. For the past six years, while many others froze their pay increases for teachers, Caurus Academy has given all teachers generous annual raises.


  • The average base salary of all teachers employed in the budget year 2020 is $46,280.
  • The average base salary of all teachers employed in the prior year 2019 was $44,300.
  • The increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2019 is $1,980. That is a 4.5% increase.
  • The average base salary of all teachers employed in fiscal year 2018 was $42,041.
  • The total percentage increase in average teacher salary since fiscal year 2018 is approximately 10.0%.

In addition to this base salary, our teachers receive Proposition 301 Merit Pay. Our attention to the well-being and satisfaction of our staff has resulted in a 80% teacher retention rate. We honor and protect our teachers; they are our most important asset.

For detailed information on Caurus Academy’s Annual Financial Report, please visit the following website and enter Arizona Montessori Charter School at Anthem (07899100) by clicking here.

For information on Caurus Academy’s Performance Dashboards available through the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools please click here.