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2021 Husky Tax Credit Campaign Kids Are Missing Out!

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Husky Tax Credit Campaign. It is our belief that students learn by creating, discovering, and exploring curriculum that is often connected to their personal interests. Many times this takes place in fine arts classrooms and through extracurricular opportunities like athletics or field trips based in experiential education. While some students have access to these programs, many lack funding, thus Kids Are Missing Out! Last year through tax credit donations, Caurus received a modest $43 per student, while our peers in Valley schools received as much as $120 per student.

Over the next year we will be soliciting your help in reaching our $30,000 goal for Caurus Academy.

Arizona law allows you to direct a portion of your state income tax to a public school and get a dollar-for-dollar CREDIT, not deduction, on your state income taxes. This means that instead of paying the state, you are redirecting some of your tax liability directly to Caurus students. ANY Arizona tax payer can contribute up to $200 per single taxpayer or $400 per household filing jointly to the public school of their choice. You do not need to have a child in Caurus to participate, so spread the word to your family, friends, and neighbors who can also take advantage of this amazing incentive!

Together we can demonstrate generosity and commitment to educational and extracurricular opportunities for OUR students.

For more information please go to the Arizona Department of Revenue website at or simply click here

If you would like to print and mail/hand deliver the tax credit form, click here

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the tax credit:
  • Donors can contribute the maximum amount allowed, which is $200 per single taxpayer or $400 per household filing jointly, in one lump sum or in smaller installments.
  • You can make your contribution any time up April 15, 2021 for the 2020 tax year. Please be mindful that in order to receive both your dollar-for-dollar state credit and federal deduction, you must make your contribution by December 31, 2020. If you participate after December 31, 2020, your federal deduction will roll forward to the following tax year.
  • You can claim the tax credit when filing your Arizona State tax return. For those filing a paper return, use Form 322.
  • In some cases, yes, the school tax credit may count as a charitable contribution. To be sure about your individual situation, consult your tax professional.
  • Athletics, extracurricular activities (field trips, clubs), or character education programs (Responsive Classroom training and materials).
  • Yes, your contribution (or that of others), can be specifically earmarked to pay for a particular child’s fees.

In the state of Arizona you can donate for the 2019 year up to April 15, 2020.

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