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Volunteer Opportunity

Caurus Academy invites and encourages parents/guardians and community members to volunteer.

Caurus Academy values the time and commitment volunteers make to the students and staff in our school. Each volunteer has special gifts to share that enhance and enrich the schools.  Being a volunteer brings rewards as well as challenges.  With your help, the schools can maximize their potential and better meet the needs of students and staff.

The schools appreciate your support and any amount of time that you may be able to offer.  Involvement can include: working in the classroom with students; helping with PTO sponsored activities; serving as library assistants, field trip helpers, room mothers/fathers or resource speakers; participating on site-based committees or serving as the extra pair of hands that helps extend the staff’s time by copying, making materials or working on any one of a variety of classroom projects.  Be ready to choose your day, time and particular area of interest when the PTO and teachers need additional help.

We appreciate your time and your understanding as we take measures to ensure the safety of our students. Fingerprinting is provided by Caurus Academy at no cost to you and is available by appointment only on Fridays 8:30 am-3:30pm. To schedule an appointment, please call 623-551-5083.

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